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ASCOS has announced its Final Dissemination Forum, jointly organised by the European Commission, NLR & CertiFlyer. The event will take place on the 28/29 of May, 2015 at the premises of the European Commission in the Covent Garden Building, Brussels (Belgium).

ASCOS (Aviation Safety and Certification of new Operations and Systems) is an initiative co-funded by the EC, dealing with Aviation Safety and Certification of new Operations and Systems.

The objectives of the Final Dissemination Forum are to inform the aviation community about the results and achievements of ASCOS, and present and discuss lessons learned.
The event will cover keynotes and panel discussions with European Commission and several of the User Group members from key aviation stakeholders.

ASCOS results will be presented, including:

  • A newly proposed certification approach
  • A framework for safety performance indicators
  • A process for safety performance monitoring
  • A tool for continuous safety monitoring
  • A risk model
  • A tool for risk assessment
  • A safety assurance process in operation
  • A lessons learned requirement process

For more information on this event, visit the dedicated page on the project website.