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    Wed 27 September 2017
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    Thu 16 March 2017



Radisson Blu Hotel
Messe-Kreisel 3
D-50679, Cologne (Germany)

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Materials and results

Press release - "EASA-OPTICS CONFERENCE – Partnering for Safety"
3rd EASA-OPTICS Expert Workshop Report

The EASA-OPTICS Conference on Aviation Safety Research and the OPTICS Dissemination Event were held the 12-14th April 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

12-13th April. EASA-OPTICS Conference on Aviation Safety Research: “Do Politics and Safety mix well?”

This 2-day event, organised in cooperation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Advisory Council of Aviation Research & Innovation in Europe (ACARE) and the European Commission, was structured in four workshops:

  • How do we set and monitor targets that improve both business and safety?
  • How do we see around the corner, when new issues arise and we can’t wait for regulation?
  • Are we implementing the good safety research?
  • Are we making efficient use of European safety research resources?


The Conference was followed by the OPTICS Dissemination Event “Flightpath 2050 Mantain Heading!”, on the 14th of April.

The OPTICS Dissemination Event “Flightpath 2050 Maintain Heading!”, taking place on the 14th of April, was an opportunity to see the status of safety research from the main European funding programmes: Clean Sky, SESAR (including SESAR long term research), Future Sky Safety and the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. It also provided a broad overview of how Aviation Safety research in Europe is helping us move towards the achievement of the Flightpath 2050 safety vision.

A session dedicated to the OPTICS 2nd year assessment results illustrated the coverage of the 10 Safety Enablers of the SRIA, the top priorities for future research directions, the research products that appear to be ‘ripe’ for transitioning to industry, and the gaps and bottlenecks between safety research & innovation implementation.

More than 60 safety experts from all over Europe attended the two events, including several EASA representatives and participants from the aviation industry, airlines, and European ANSPs. The event was an excellent opportunity to work collectively on a joint perspective of the future directions of aviation safety in Europe, aligning EU and national policies to the companies they affect, as well as to put around the table research and industry to match the different needs.