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    Wed 27 September 2017
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The second OPTICS annual report has been released. This document presents the Preliminary Market and Societal impact assessment and State-of-the-art in safety research as arises from the main activities conducted in the second year of OPTICS:

  • The initial market and society impact assessment on a number of European aviation safety research projects;
  • The evaluation of research projects of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program (FP7) which have improvement of aviation safety as implicit objective; and European projects from the following programmes: SESAR, SESAR WPE, CleanSky, Future Sky Safety and FP7;
  • The organisation of the 2nd OPTICS Expert Workshop, held on April 28-29, 2015 in Toulouse, France at ONERA premises and focusing on Air Vehicle Operations and Traffic Management.

WIth respect to the previous Annual report, this document contains updates on strategic recommendations for reaching the ACARE safety related goals and the first version of the Market and Societal impact assessment.  The collection of information and the assessment process, aimed at evaluating the impact of research projects on key elements of the European economy and society, are performed through a methodology developed by OPTICS and based on a range of indicators and sources.

Sources include Internet search, survey of public opinion, communication with experts, coordinators of EU safety projects, coordinators of OPTICS sister projects, and results from the assessment of safety research.

As for the indicators, these are grouped in four categories. Indicators in the “Socio-Economic Needs and Expectations” category illustrate the overall social and economic well-being of the European society. The second category “Environmental Considerations” traces the relation between environmental concerns and developments in aviation safety. Indicators relating to “Industry Competitivity” aim at finding whether research in aviation safety in Europe provides the industry with competitive advantages in the worldwide market. The fourth category “Capacity of EU Safety Research” clusters aspects relating to the available research infrastructure as well as the level of education provided within the area of aviation safety.

Overall, the work on societal impact not only has demonstrated ‘proof of concept’ for the methodology, but also has already provided interesting insights. The assessment methodology will now be applied to more projects in the remaining two years of OPTICS.

To find out more, you can read the report here.