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Workshop_img_112x150The first release of the report from the OPTICS 1st Expert Workshop on Human Factors can be found on the Reports page.
This report describes the one-day workshop held on 3rd July in EUROCONTROL, Brussels, including the various priorities identified by the 70 expert participants from 17 countries representing a broad spectrum of the aviation community.
The report also summarises the top 10 Human Factors Capabilities, as well as three areas of Human Factors importance currently outside the Safety Research & Innovation Agenda, and a single potential ‘game-changer’ that could help accelerate the impact of Human Factors R&I on aviation safety.

If you were a participant and wish to comment on the report, please send an email to or post a comment on the OPTICS LinkedIn group.

The report and its results will feed forward to the OPTICS Conference on Aviation Safety in December, Brussels.
The priorities arising from the workshop have already been presented to a FAA-wide meeting of Human Factors practitioners and stakeholders, to help inform the FAA’s priorities in this area.

The OPTICS team would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who participated in this first OPTICS Workshop, making it a success.
Advanced information on the 2nd OPTICS workshop, scheduled for Toulouse in 2015, will be released later in October on this website.