OPTICS aims at providing an evaluation of relevant safety research and innovation in aviation and air transport. Also, the project works to implement a sustainable process supporting stakeholders with strategic recommendations and a comprehensive vision of the safety research landscape.

These outputs will be summarised in three type of products:

  • Annual release of the State-of-the-art of the Safety research, which provides an overview of the state of play conditions and gaps in safety research, as well as the bottlenecks to innovation. The report is intended to support research policy decisions and includes recommendations including promising avenues for research and priorities.
  • Biennial release of Market and Societal Impact assessment; based on the assessment of the socio-economic impact of safety research outcomes, it is intended to support strategic research policy decisions and, in its final version, will include strategic recommendations regarding new research topics and various aspects to be addressed to remove the bottlenecks to innovation.
  • Annual release of Project repository that will make available the results of the annual state-of-the-art review together with relevant safety research and project data. The data repository will be accessible on the dedicated website and will link SRIA volume 2 regarding challenges and goals, enablers, capabilities and targeted achievements.