OPTICS reviews safety-related aviation research and innovation projects to ascertain how far they are helping achieve the FlightPath 2050 safety goals, to identify what research gaps remain, and to help determine priorities.

You can propose your project to be evaluated by the OPTICS inter-disciplinary experts team. The team performs a first assessment of the project in relation to the ACARE Safety Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Then, the results are sent to the coordinator of the project assessed, to confirm or modify the conclusions of the assessment; evidence is needed to accompany the modification request. OPTICS team evaluates the coordinator’s feedback and provides a final assessment of the project, for which the final responsibility is with OPTICS.

For ongoing projects for which limited information is yet available, the assessment may be updated in a later stage of OPTICS.

We are looking for…

  • Aviation Safety Research projects not yet assessed by OPTICS
  • Both explicit safety research and implicit safety research
  • Completed, on-going and future projects
  • Both projects for which some results are available to OPTICS, and projects for which no results are (yet) available

Expected contribution

  • Tell us the name of your project and the Project Coordinator’s name
  • Provide publicly available information on the project (e.g. abstract and main objectives)
  • Give supporting evidence in terms of public deliverables, research papers, presentations or URLs


Contact Barry Kirwan and fill in the provided assessment form