The main objective of OPTICS is to provide a comprehensive view over EU safety-oriented research and innovation activities, assessing their contribution towards the achievement of ACARE Flightpath 2050 goals. The OPTICS assessment will help evaluate if Europe is performing the right safety research and if the research is performed in the right manner.

The key actions necessary to achieve this objective include:

Periodic reviews:

  • Performing an extensive survey of Research & Innovation activities in aviation safety, to establish the initial state of play conditions.
  • Delivering an annual state-of-the-art review of relevant safety research and innovation, together with the main results and recommendations.

Repository and methodological framework:

  • Establishing an OPTICS data repository linking SRIA volume 2 (related to Safety and Security challenges and goals) with relevant project data.
  • Preparing a methodological framework covering both the research landscape and socio-economic impact of research outcomes.

Maturity assessment:

  • Engaging with selected projects through a maturity assessment process to assess progress and impact towards Flightpath 2050 goals.
  • Assessing the impact and socio-economic benefits of safety research outcomes.
  • Assessing maturity of processes and policies which support the implementation of safety objectives.
  • Identifying key gaps within safety research and innovation to be primarily addressed to achieve the identified safety goals.


  • Disseminating the findings of the action towards relevant aviation stakeholders, in particular to support strategic research policy decisions.
  • Organising joint conferences (associated to FP7 project dissemination) and a series of thematic workshops, to communicate with key stakeholders involved in research and innovation activities.