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Bauhaus Luftfahrt is an interdisciplinary aerospace research institute created in November 2005. With a main focus on integrated systems approaches addressing various aspects within the air transport system, Bauhaus Luftfahrt has set out to be a multi-disciplinary, internationally-oriented think tank.

Gathering together engineers, economists, computer scientists, physicists, geographers, cultural experts and social scientists, and also in close co-operation with industry, science and politics, Bauhaus Luftfhart deals with the future of air travel: considering the complex system of aviation from different points of view, and holistically evaluating the technical, economic, social and ecological aspects of every project to develop sustainable solutions for up-coming challenges.

Role in the project

The work conducted in the project by Bauhaus Luftfahrt is mainly focusses on the development of a framework to assess the impact of safety research on societal and market benefits. Based on its experience, Bauhaus Luftfahrt will also support the consolidation of the SRIA results as well as the performance of the safety research assessment. Furthermore, Bauhaus Luftfahrt will provide relevant contributions to the annual reporting.

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