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National Aerospace Laboratory

Set up in 1937, NLR is an independent non-profit organization that provides technological support to aerospace industries, to operators of civil and military aircraft, of airports and of ATC systems, to authorities and to international organizations, all over the world. The NLR Air Transport division works on all topics related to the operational aspects of the air transport system.

NLR develops new technologies combining disciplines such as aircraft engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, information science and psychology, and targets the entire life-cycle of aircraft: from research, via design, servicing and maintenance to modernisation in both civil and military aviation, aiming at resolving complex safety implications of the new technologies.

Role in the project

NLR will be leader for WP2 (Safety Research Impact Assessment), leads the development of the associated methodology, and will furthermore contribute by bringing a large network of safety specialists as well as safety expertise to the table.

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