What do ANSPs, Airlines, Airports want from research?

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By clicking here you could download the summary of the day. While the annex you can also find the detailed description of
the Research Prioritisation Results, developed by: ANSPs, Airlines, Airports’ groups.

People make safety in aviation, and will continue to do so well into the mid-term future. However, with the advent of digitalization, robotics, and artificial intelligence, the human role is going to change. How do we prepare for such change, and ensure that the Human and Organizational aspects are optimized for system safety and performance? Which areas need more research?
Put more simply: if you had 100 million euros to spend on research in this area, how would you spend it?

A select group of industry experts in Operational Safety and Human Factors will gather for roundtable discussions, involving representatives of research centers, ANSPs, airlines, airports and pilots associations. We will then engage them in a peculiar group discussion. First, we will present them with 4 research areas to discuss; then, we will divide them into groups, allocating each with 100 million euros to invest, prioritizing the 4 research areas. In the end, we will be able to see how much “money” the representatives for ANSP, airports, airlines and association are willing to invest on each of the different research areas, fostering a discussion on the research uptakes.

Following the roundtable meeting, interviews with Industry and Manufacturers will be carried out and then the OPTICS2 team will develop the proposals into a shared document to “pitch” the resulting prioritized proposals to the EU in Brussels.

How would you invest European research funding for Human Factors in aviation safety?

OPTICS2 project has organised a “Roundtable Consultation” to review key research project results, including cutting-edge research linked to EASA priority safety concerns, and explore the reasons why such research is often not taken up by industry. In fact, the EU invests millions in aviation safety research every year, but there is a relatively low take-up for specific Human and Organizational research-outputs by industry, and we want to investigate the reasons why.

You can read and download the main Results of the meeting, by clicking the “result button” on the left.

You can also read-back the live tweeting updates following the hashtag OPTICS2rtc.


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