Interactive Narratives on Aviation Safety Research

Is Europe performing the right safety research in aviation?

This is the question that has guided us in these years of research. Within the OPTICS2 European project, we have analysed more than 300 projects in the aviation safety domain, to help policy makers and regulators, industries and researchers to maintain and keep improving safety and to address the current major risks.

Now we are ready to show you our first results. To do this we have created the OPTICS2 Interactive Narratives, an interactive visual database that presents the State-of-the-Art of European Research and Innovation in aviation safety.

We have analysed five research areas:

  1. Human & Organisational Factors
  2. Safe Design
  3. Safe Operations
  4. Safety Intelligence
  5. Safety Governance

Start your journey in the OPTICS2 Interactive Narratives on Aviation Safety Research!

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