DATA SCIENCE for AVIATION SAFETY: from heterogeneous data to safety intelligence

The OPTICS2 Consortium is glad to announce its 2nd Workshop on Data Science for Aviation Safety, to be held on the 12th of October 2018 at EASA (Cologne), following the Data Science in Aviation Workshop (11th of October, EASA Cologne).
Nowadays the aviation industry is well-known for its hard-earned, well-defended safety system. However, increasing traffic together with a constantly evolving model of operation exposes the system to new threats and risks. The transition from an incident-driven safety learning approach towards a data-driven one seems to be most promising way forward. But how do we make the data available, and ensure the insights reach those who can best act on them? And how do we increase safety intelligence data sharing and learning between different aviation segments?

A range of top experts and leading-edge research from all aviation segments, will be brought together to share best practices, discuss how to overcome existing gaps, and identify the 5 actions with highest potential for triggering effective collaboration, and boosting a systemic safety intelligence in European aviation.

Don’t miss this opportunity and register to the workshop. You will listen to exclusive speeches and contribute to the identification of the most promising ways for boosting a systemic safety intelligence that will be translated into recommendations to steer EU Aviation Safety research!

Stay tuned, the agenda will be published soon.

More info: how to get EASA

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