Interactive Narrative: Safety Intelligence

The fourth Interactive Narrative on OPTICS2 Assessment on “Safety Intelligence” research is now available online:

Safety Intelligence” tackles the issue of the ongoing digitalisation of the air transport system and its significance for Air Traffic Safety i.e. safety data acquisition, analysis, processing, modelling and visualization of large data sets.

Although its growing significance in the sector, research projects investigating the topic seem to be few and mainly focused on two safety intelligence topics: “Automatic data capture” and “Proactive safety analysis to predict future hazards”.

Little research is done on the management of Safety Intelligence i.e.: automated look-up procedure across data sources, visualisation and distribution of information across all aviation domains, multidisciplinary solutions for challenges in data sharing.

Research in the field of data mining algorithms using safety data is still required. It is important to ensure common data specifications (e.g. interfaces, format, etc.) However, technical and security challenges, still have a lack of research activities.

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