Interactive Narrative: Safe Operations

The Interactive Narrative on OPTICS2 Assessment on “Safe Operations” research is now available online:

Safe Operations” concerns the capability to handle current and emerging threats and hazards via safety radar and continuous system behaviour and health monitoring, to prevent and/or mitigate risks, mostly in terms of aircraft upset and en-route, terrain and obstacle collision.

It aims at setting up a strong collaboration among operational domains based on optimised human and organisational factors, effective use of data and guaranteed real time accessibility at all ATS segments involved, though adequately protecting them from errors or malware alterations and guaranteeing acceptable performance handling operations faced with the increased variety and quantity of airspace users and unexpected events or situations.

State-of-the-art: The overall contribution of research to this Area is significant, with more than 100 projects mapped across the different Funding Programmes considered by OPTICS2 assessment.

The research output are very promising, nevertheless the coverage of the whole action area is problematic, as its scope is particularly wide, including a variety of research topics, hazards and different maturity status of the innovative technologies. To better show you the reasons why, we have collected all the projects dealing with “Safe Operations” in the third chapter of our “Interactive Narrative” series:

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