OPTICS2 (Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety and Security) is a Coordination and Support Action which aims at providing a comprehensive evaluation of relevant Safety and Security European R&I in aviation and air transport.

The main objective of the project is assessing if Europe is performing the right safety and security research and if the research is delivering the expected benefits to society. We work in close collaboration with the European Commission and use the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), the roadmap towards the Flightpath 2050 vision for aviation safety and security provided by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE).

This survey aims to collect information on international safety research and innovation initiatives, in order to compare EU state-of-the-art of safety research with non-EU states, at a strategic level. We would appreciate recieving your input on this task, by filling-in this questionnaire. In the first part we will ask you to provide some details about the safety research and innovation initiatives in your area/region, while in the final “matrix” we will ask you to provide your feedback on specific research areas.

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Thank you for your valuable inputs and kind availability.

– The OPTICS2 Team.

Now assume that the need for aviation safety research is organised into 5 main research areas:

  • Area 1: Driving Safe ATS-Performance. This includes topics like Governing Safe Performance, Evaluating Safety Performance.
  • Area 2: Human and Organisational Factors. This includes topics like Human-centred automation, New Crew and Team Concepts, Future workforce, Human Performance Monitoring
  • Area 3: Harnessing Safety Intelligence. This includes topics like Safety Intelligence Tools, Processes and Methods, Safety Intelligence Management
  • Area 4: Safe Operations. This includes topics like Safety Radar, Operational flight mission management systems and procedures, System Behaviour and Health Management
  • Area 5: Safe Design, Manufacturing and Certification. This includes topics like Innovative approach to standardisation, certification and approval processes, Resilience by design.

(4) For each of those areas, please indicate whether, in your country:

  • This is a Hot topic (Yes, No)
    i.e. there is a lot of focus on aviation safety research in this area, either from a research point of view, or politically.
  • This is a Gap (Yes, No)
    i.e. this area is an issue of concern and there is need for research in this area, but it is not sufficiently picked up (yet).
  • There are Barriers for implementation (Yes, No)
    i.e. there are several developments in this area, but they are not sufficiently picked up for implementation by the industry due to various reasons (e.g. financial, legal/regulatory, acceptability, technical)
  • Please provide an Explanation for your answers and one Example of research in that area.
Area - Hot Topic? - Gap? - Barriers? - Explanation - Example
1 - YesNo - YesNo - YesNo - -
2 - YesNo - YesNo - YesNo - -
3 - YesNo - YesNo - YesNo - -
4 - YesNo - YesNo - YesNo - -
5 - YesNo - YesNo - YesNo - -


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