OPTICS2 is the follow-up of the OPTICS Project.
Our mission is to see if the European Research is on the right track towards Flightpath 2050, the vision for aviation safety and security provided by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE). We work in close collaboration with the European Commission and use the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), the roadmap towards the vision, as a basis for our assessment activities.

Continuing the work carried out by OPTICS, our overall objective is to provide recommendations to steer EU Aviation Safety and Security research.
To achieve this objective, OPTICS2 acts on various fronts:

  • Looks at Europe with a magnifier… OPTICS2 searches and assesses EU and National aviation safety and security projects and programmes;

  • Looks both ways… OPTICS2 adopts a twofold approach to produce a comprehensive assessment, complementing the project assessment (bottom-up) with aviation experts opinions (top-down);

  • Draws the global picture… OPTICS2 synthetises and further elaborate the results, identifying research gaps and bottlenecks to innovation and developing recommendations to address them;

  • Looks international… OPTICS2 searches information on aviation safety and security research carried out by non-EU states, in order to compare EU and non-EU research strategies.

About us

Our vision is: “Making aviation safety and security research more effective in achieving Flighpath 2050 goals”.
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We are constantly at work to enrich the OPTICS2 Project database and the State-of–the-Art in Aviation Safety and Security.
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A twofold approach: the bottom-up project-based assessment complemented by top-down activities involving aviation experts.
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Who we are.
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The OPTICS2 Consortium is supported by Technical and Scientific Advisory Boards, covering all the segments of the aviation and air transport fields.
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