DEEP BLUE – Coordinator

Deep Blue is a research and consultancy Italian SME, specialised in human factor, safety, validation and scientific dissemination. The company operates in contexts with high security, dependability and resilience requirements, such as ATM, Aviation, Railways Transportation and Healthcare. With a multidisciplinary team, Deep Blue deals with the design, analysis and evaluation of complex socio-technical systems. The company specialises in the optimisation of human-machine interaction, in the integration and the allocation of functions between all the components of an interactive complex system, including human, procedural and equipment aspects.

In OPTICS2, Deep Blue:

  • Is in charge of the project coordination and management,
  • Is responsible for the dissemination activities,
  • Brings its knowledge from past aviation safety and security projects to support in the projects assessment and in building the state-of-the-art of safety and security EU research,
  • Supports the organisation of stakeholders’ engagement activities,
  • Supports the review of the assessment methodology.