OPTICS2 Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations

OPTICS2 is a Coordination and Support Action of the European Commission, and provides a comprehensive evaluation of relevant safety and security research and innovation in air transport. Answering the question “Is Europe performing the right safety and security research?

OPTICS2 reviews the state-of-the-art in European Aviation Safety and Security R&I annually, via a core team of experts from across the entire aviation spectrum assessing literally hundreds of European and nationally funded projects, including major programmes such as Horizon 2020, CleanSky and SESAR. OPTICS2 reports to both the European Commission and ACARE, summarising the status of each safety and security ‘Action Area’ (as identified in ACARE Strategic research and Innovation Agenda SRIA), identifying the main performers, gaps and obstacles in the research landscape, along with strategic recommendations and priorities.

This document summarises the results of the four years of OPTICS2 in shape of recommendations for aviation safety and security research on how to better target identified gaps and bottlenecks, as well as priorities to be effectively addressed by future efforts.

Deliverable D4.5

Authors: Emmanuel Isambert (ECTL), Clive Goodchild (BAES), Mariken Everdij (NLR), John Hird (ECTL)

Abstract: OPTICS2 assesses the progress of European Aviation Safety and Security Research and Innovation (R&I) towards the goals of Flightpath 2050. OPTICS2 provides recommendations to help steer EU Aviation Safety and Security R&I in case certain research needs are not being met, or need ‘course corrections’, for example in case of the arrival of new disruptive technologies, or global events such as COVID-19.
The document provides the main recommendations (‘Top 10’ priorities) for aviation safety and security research actions identified by OPTICS².

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