OPTICS2 Project Final Recommendations

The OPTICS2 Final Dissemination Event was held online September 27-28 2021. The project officially closed September 30, 2021.

OPTICS2 assessed the progress of European Aviation Safety and Security Research and Innovation (R&I) towards the goals of Flightpath 2050. The project aimed at providing recommendations to help steer EU Aviation Safety and Security R&I in case certain research needs are not being met, or need ‘course corrections’.
OPTICS2 reviewed the state-of-the-art in European Aviation Safety and Security R&I annually from 2018 to 2021, via a core team of experts from across the entire aviation spectrum assessing more than six hundred European and nationally funded projects.
Thanks to its years of research, OPTICS2 could condense its findings in recommendations regarding the Action Areas in both aviation safety and security that need to be strategically addressed. These recommendations are the result of weighing up research gaps and the progress towards the SRIA ACARE objectives, and are summarised in the “OPTICS2 Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations”.
The “OPTICS2 Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations” feature an easy-to-read, short summary of the OPTICS2 research, highlighting six different priorities for both safety and security research to address, as well as eight cross-cutting topics that are relevant for both fields.
OPTICS2, via its in-depth and broad-spectrum approach to the analysis of European aviation safety and security research, has been able to highlight where future efforts need to focus in order to deliver a safe and secure aviation evolution towards 2050. It is hoped that these future research ‘destinations’ may help inform major European aviation research frameworks such as Horizon Europe, CleanSky and SESAR, as well as national research programmes, leading to the delivery of a safe, secure and sustainable world-leading aviation transport system.
You can download the “OPTICS2 Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations” in the Reports section of OPTICS2 website and here by clicking the button below.

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