3rd OPTICS2 Workshop: Towards SAFE and SECURE Urban Air Mobility (POSTPONED)

The OPTICS2 3rd Workshop on SAFE and SECURE URBAN AIR MOBILITY has been postponed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop will be rescheduled for a later date.

If Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is to succeed, it must be safe and secure for both existing and new businesses, protecting all operators, aircraft platforms, end users and the general public from unacceptable risk. Yet the variety, density and complexity of UAM operations – including drones, sky taxis and personal vehicles – will be like nothing we have ever seen before. What are the key safety and security axioms, methods and processes that will support cities in realising the benefits of UAM, enhancing the quality of city life, without adding significant new safety and security risk?
There are several views on how urban air mobility should be organised in an increasingly populated urban land-scape and what are the implications for Safety and Security. To address these issues, important enablers must be considered, involving researchers, infrastructures, industries, regulators, service providers and smart-citizens.

This third OPTICS2 workshop brings together leading-edge experts in Urban Air Mobility, Safety, Human Factors and Security, to discuss the key elements necessary to deliver safe and secure UAM. The output of the workshop will be a prioritized list of the safety and security developments for safe and secure UAM, and a roadmap for their development and application.

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THE WORKSHOP has been POSTPONED. New dates will be set when the situation will be considered safe again.

The workshop will start in the afternoon of the first day, will continue untill the morning of the third day, with the following structure:

  • Day 1 (afternoon): A welcome/introduction part with Keynote Speakers (e.g. Tom Prevot-Uber Elevates, Darrell Swanson-Swanson Aviation Consultancy), to paint the landscape of UAM, with visions, ongoing initiatives, examples and business models.
  • Day 2 (full day): Actual “workshop activity” in parallel sessions -one for Safety and one session for Security- to identify key Safety and Security issues, highlight potential conflicts (if any) and produce some priority/research roadmaps that will be integrated in the OPTICS2 feedback back to the EC/ACARE.
    Practical demonstration will conclude the day 2, togheter with happy-hour / networking event.
  • Day 3 (morning): Concluding the works, with final KS from EC and plenary wrap-up.

When the detailed Agenda will be released we will update this page.

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Registration to the workshop is required and free.

Safety / Security preference for Day 2:

(OPTIONAL) What are the top 3 UAM safety and/or security concerns in your view?

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The first Keynote Speaker is Dr. Thomas Prevot. Tom is the Director of Engineering for Airspace Systems at Uber Elevate. He and his team are developing the airspace concepts, systems and cloud services for Uber’s aviation products. Prior to joining Uber, he was head of the Airspace Operations Lab and project lead for NASA’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) research. He will present us the Uber Elevate’s Vision of UAM and we will have a chance to hear is passionate talk about developing and evaluating future concepts and technologies for the air transportation system.

The second Keynote will be Darrell Swanson. Swanson Aviation Consultancy was established to explore the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft including both fixed wing and eVTOL, or what people are calling “Flying Taxis“. Safety and Security of these vehicles is a big question that is not being addressed in the industry at the moment. Darrell will present his work to develop a vertiport design which addresses the challenges of vertiport operation and infrastructure requirements. To read more about Darrell’s work, click here

…more Keynote Speakers will be announced soon

The event has been postponed

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