3rd OPTICS2 Workshop: Towards Safe and Secure Urban Air Mobility

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3rd OPTICS2 Workshop: Towards SAFE and SECURE Urban Air Mobility The OPTICS2 3rd Workshop on SAFE and SECURE URBAN AIR MOBILITY will take place the 8th-9th-10th of June 2020 at NLR - Amsterdam (registration required). If Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is to succeed, it must be safe and secure for both existing and new businesses, [...]

1st OPTICS2 roundtable consultation

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1st OPTICS2 roundtable consultation: HUMAN and ORGANISATIONAL FACTORS How would you invest European research funding for Human Factors in aviation safety? OPTICS2 project is organizing a "Roundtable Consultation" to review key research project results, including cutting-edge research linked to EASA priority safety concerns, and explore the reasons why such research is [...]

Interactive Narratives on Human and Organisational Factors

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First Interactive Narrative on Aviation Safety Research being Published Is Europe performing the right safety research in aviation? This is the question that has guided us in these years of research. Within the OPTICS2 European project, we have analysed more than 300 projects in the aviation safety domain, to help policy [...]

2nd OPTICS2 Workshop: DATA SCIENCE for AVIATION SAFETY | Info & Agenda

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2nd OPTICS2 Workshop: DATA SCIENCE for AVIATION SAFETY The OPTICS2 2nd Workshop on Data Science for Aviation Safety took place on the 12th of October 2018 at EASA (Cologne), following the Data Science in Aviation Workshop (11th of October, EASA Cologne). The OPTICS2 Workshop offered exclusive speeches and group activities aimed at identifying the most promising Data Science research avenues for triggering effective [...]