Interactive Narrative on Safe Design

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Interactive Narrative: Safe Design, Manifacturing and Certification The second Interactive Narrative on "Safe Design" is now available online. This Research Area is about innovative approach to standardisation, certification and approval processes, including human, social and technical aspects, leading to efficiency and shorter time to market of new products, services and operations. [...]

2nd OPTICS2 Workshop: DATA SCIENCE for AVIATION SAFETY | Info & Agenda

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2nd OPTICS2 Workshop: DATA SCIENCE for AVIATION SAFETY The OPTICS2 2nd Workshop on Data Science for Aviation Safety took place on the 12th of October 2018 at EASA (Cologne), following the Data Science in Aviation Workshop (11th of October, EASA Cologne). The OPTICS2 Workshop offered exclusive speeches and group activities aimed at identifying the most promising Data Science research avenues for triggering effective [...]

OPTICS2 project has started

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OPTICS2 project has started Right after the end of OPTICS, in October 2017 OPTICS2 has started.OPTICS has analysed 243 aviation safety research projects and ran four workshops where experts discussed research priorities, coming up with a list of urgent and strategic research needs. Europe is already on a good track, but harder [...]