Privacy Policy – Workshop

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This workshop is part of the OPTICS2 EU Horizon 2020 project. [PURPOSE OF THE WORKSHOP] OPTICS2 Workshop brings together leading-edge experts, to discuss how to manage such complexity with highest potential for triggering effective collaboration towards Safe and Secure Urban Mobility. [PARTICIPATING] The workshop does not have any commercial purpose. The involved participants do not [...]

3rd OPTICS2 Workshop: Towards Safe and Secure Urban Air Mobility

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3rd OPTICS2 Workshop: Towards SAFE and SECURE Urban Air Mobility The OPTICS2 3rd Workshop on SAFE and SECURE URBAN AIR MOBILITY will take place the 8th-9th-10th of June 2020 at NLR - Amsterdam (registration required). If Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is to succeed, it must be safe and secure for both existing and new businesses, [...]

Interactive Narrative on Safe Design

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Interactive Narrative: Safe Design, Manufacturing and Certification The second Interactive Narrative is now available online. The "Interactive Narratives" are a visual and interactive representation of the results of the OPTICS2 assessement done every year on research project on aviation Safety and Security. This second "Interactive Narrative" is on "Safe Design". This [...]

OPTICS2 project has started

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OPTICS2 project has started Right after the end of OPTICS, in October 2017 OPTICS2 has started. OPTICS has analysed 243 aviation safety research projects and ran four workshops where experts discussed research priorities, coming up with a list of urgent and strategic research needs. Europe is already on a good track, [...]